Turks and Caicos Honeymoon Packages, Ideas, Resorts, and Travel Guide
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Turks and Caicos Honeymoon

Turks and Caicos Honeymoon

Turks and Caicos Honeymoon

Couples going on a Turks and Caicos honeymoon will be visiting a spot that is nestled in the Caribbean Sea just below the Bahamas. It  is a chain of 40 islands that are collectively called Turks and Caicos. The main port of call, if you are on a cruise is Grand Turk Island which is the capital of the land and a major destination for scuba diving. If you are flying, the choice of island is yours, whether you choose Provo, the best known of the islands and the country’s tourism epicenter, or branch out to one of the lesser known and more secluded spots for a calmer, more laid back approach to your honeymoon.

Salt Cay is an island that allows you simplicity and a real getting away from it all vibe. Snorkel right off the shore, get away from the crowds and scuba on the surrounding reefs, or partake in the local fare of fresh fish. Salt Cay is just off of Grand Turk and just a short boat ride away from the everyday.

It has been said that the best place for snorkelling in the Turks and Caicos is Smith’s Reef, where turtles, rays, coral, sea fans and many other species call home. If old colonial homes and architecture is your thing, South Caicos delivers with the historic Cockburn Harbor, secluded beaches and plenty of opportunity to sample the local flavor. Both Middle Caicos and North Caicos offer lush woodlands, caves and many species of flora and fauna, with North Caicos home to Three Mary’s Cays whose calm waters make it a mecca for snorkeling away from the crowds.

For a pampering getaway, there is Parrot Cay, a luxury resort on a private island that boasts a mile long beach, hidden coves, reefs to snorkel and private villas with their own pool. Suites and rooms are also available as well as yoga and diving trips. If you are looking for an exclusive adults-only hotel, there is the Grace Bay Club whose many rooms all feature a balcony with a stunning view. With 1,100 feet of beachfront, canopied day beds, a selection of pools, Jacuzzis and plenty of romantic activities like horseback riding on the beach or ocean kayaking, it has something for everyone.

If your romantic get-away to the sun includes eco-friendly pursuits, the island of Dominica may be just what you’re looking for. The island is 60% rainforest which allows for hikes, jungle river adventures, zipline rides, whale watching and secluded waterfalls and pools. The hot springs at Boiling Lake and the Titou Gorge, a natural water ride are also amazing places to visit on your adventure get-away to paradise.

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