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Thailand Honeymoon

Thailand Honeymoon

You will be tempted by all that a Thailand honeymoon has to offer. Once known as the Kingdom of Thailand, this Southeast Asian country is one full of history, culture and charm. When you factor in the breathtaking natural beauty, white sandy beaches, plenty of Buddhist temples and cities with world class entertainment, nightlife and restaurants, you have a country that makes for a fantastic honeymoon destination. No matter which part of Thailand you choose, you are met with the culture of a nation, the architecture and intricate designs that are hallmarks of their many wat (temples) and a tropical paradise just waiting to be explored.

Thailand is blessed with over three thousand kilometres of coastline, soaring mountains like Doi Inthanon, the largest peak in the country and many national parks where the trekking possibilities are endless. Ride an elephant, take to the white water rapids or relax on a deserted beach and watch the sunset on another glorious day; Thailand brings you everything you could want in a romantic getaway for two.

Thailand honeymoon packages are quite popular in this tourist haven. A lengthy coastline and secluded island make Thailand a honeymooners dream.

No matter which part of the country you visit, whether you tour around or stay in one spot for the duration, Thailand envelops you in its culture and beauty. Big cities or deserted beaches, and everything in-between will stimulate the senses in a way only Thailand can. Romantic getaway or honeymoon destination, this place has it all.

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