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St. Kitts Honeymoon

St. Kitts

St. Kitts Honeymoon

Explore the Charms of St Kitts and Nevis

St. Christopher Island, more commonly referred to as St. Kitts and her sister island of Nevis are part of the Leeward Islands that separate the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Although they are in quite close proximity to Antigua and Barbuda, St. Kitts and Nevis are far less popular than other Caribbean destinations, making a St. Kitts honeymoon the perfect escape for seclusion and romance. Few crowds, deserted beaches and a marvelous mix of dormant volcanoes, tropical rainforest and sandy beaches, not to mention coasts on both Oceans all contribute to the charms of this two island country.

St. Kitts is a cricket bat shaped island that is separated from the cone shaped Nevis by a shallow, two mile wide channel called The Narrows. Ferry service between the two occurs on a regular schedule and as they are considered one country, there is no need for passports to go from one to the other, and as they both offer unique and interesting things to do, you are sure to want to combine the two into one honeymoon to remember.

St. Kitts is mainly inhabited around the perimeter, as the middle of the island is too steep and mountainous, made up of three distinct sets of volcanic peaks. The highest point on the island is Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano that towers nearly 4000 feet into the sky. The beaches on the island are seldom crowded and offer everything from calm reef-protected pools to rolling surf amid the palm fringed settings. Over in Nevis you will also find glorious beaches, which, on the western and northern coastlines are characterized by white coral sand mixed with black and brown sands eroded from the volcanic rocks, which also produce soothing hot springs. Rainforests, lava formations, unique green monkeys, colorful flowers and an enticing underwater world to explore are all hallmarks of this often forgotten location.

Where to stay

The amount and concentration of resorts in St. Kitts and Nevis are fewer than are found on other Caribbean islands. This means that the islands are perpetually less crowded and feature more opportunities to be alone enjoying the views and being together than you would get on more commercialized islands.

On St. Kitts Ottley’s Plantation Inn is a beautifully restored 18th century sugar plantation with just 23 rooms divided between the Great House and individual cottages. It offers panoramic views of both the mountains and the ocean and has many intimate rainforest paths, places to escape and plenty of secret nooks amid its 35 acres. The natural spring fed pool, Mango Orchard Spa and the English Colonial wicker and mahogany decorated rooms lend a feel of richness and sophistication. With only 23 rooms, you are assured a private and relaxing honeymoon where you have plenty of time to just be together without having hundreds of other guests sharing the amenities, but you are close to all the attractions and tours should you choose to partake.

St. Kitts Marriot Resort and Royal Beach Casino on Frigate Bay is a relatively new super resort. It has a sunny Caribbean flavour and is set on a spectacular beach on the Atlantic side of the island. You can choose to stay in the stunning main building, or intimate garden houses, and the grounds include pools with swim-up bars and plenty of water sports. The onsite casino, watersports, championship golf course and the Emerald Mist Spa offer something for everyone while with eight restaurants you are sure to be spoiled for choice.

On Nevis, one of the best places to stay is the Nisbet Plantation Beach Club, a historic plantation house situated right on the beach. Its thirty lush acres offer cottage style rooms each placed on their own quarter acre of land for added romantic seclusion. The white sand beach, private terraces with fantastic views of paradise and gourmet dining all afford the guests a one of a kind honeymoon experience. Take to a hammock on a shady part of the beach or sit in the open air on your own personal verandah to take in the views with a cool drink, just being together taking in the natural beauty of the island.

The Four Seasons Resort on Nevis is a five star property that boasts 196 guest rooms, forty residence rentals and two storey cottages in which to stay. Intimate dinners, the reflection pool that overlooks the Caribbean Sea, the private cabanas on the beach, houses with open decks and plenty of marked trails for secluded walks are all offered in this taste of luxury in paradise. Choose from the garden pool set amid the lush foliage or the ocean pool with sweeping views, there is also an adults only pool, and don’t forget the chilled strawberry water, frozen treats and cooling water misters that are luxuriously included.

St. Kitts and Nevis have long been largely ignored as fabulous honeymoon destinations, but that fact actually bodes well for those longing for a paradise that is a tad off the beaten path.  The secluded beaches, glorious views and the chance to enjoy each other’s company while not always fighting crowds allows your honeymoon to be a more intimate experience. There are several cruise lines that make the islands a port of call, which temporarily boosts the population numbers, but until more people learn about the richness of the islands, it is still an out of the way slice of heaven that is appreciated by few.

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