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Saint Lucia Honeymoon

St. Lucia Honeymoon

Saint Lucia Honeymoon

Let Yourself Go in Saint Lucia

As one of the Wayward Islands, Saint Lucia is blessed with sub-tropical temperatures, cooling ocean breezes and a delightful mix of rainforest, mountains and beaches that ensure that there is something that appeals to everyone, all in one magical honeymoon destination. Nestled in the Eastern Caribbean, Saint. Lucia is the most mountainous of any of the islands, and is home to the glorious Pitons, twin towers of rock that seemingly grow right out of the Caribbean Sea. The island is also a fabulous place to scuba dive and snorkel amid the colorful marine life and fascinating rock formations that have formed over time deep beneath the waves. For those adventure seekers a zip line traversing the rainforest canopy or the drive-in volcano will be highlights of the trip, and if relaxation is key, the mineral baths are sure to soothe both body and soul. And then there are the glorious beaches, the aquamarine waters lapping on the white sand beaches, lined with swaying palm trees. A Saint Lucia honeymoon is a treat for all the senses and a romantic getaway to the sun that creates memories to last a lifetime. Come; join us as we explore this lovely island country.

How to Get There

Saint Lucia boasts two international airports, one at each end of the island. Many airlines make direct flights to the island from east coast cities in the United States, and Saint Lucia is also a port of call on many cruise lines as they make their way around the Caribbean Sea.

Castries is the capital city of this English speaking country where Creole is also spoken among the natives. Saint Lucia is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide for a total of 238 sq. miles but the winding roads will make getting around the island part of the adventure and definitely part of what makes the islands so captivating. Sit back, relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you wind you way to your next destination.

Where to Stay

The capital city of Castries is home to the spellbinding couples only resort named Rendezvous. Set amid lush tropical foliage on a pristine beach, this 100 room complex allows guests a secluded and private spot for that romantic beach honeymoon. It is the only resort on two miles of beach and includes a meditation garden, sunset sailing, candlelit dining overlooking the ocean and many other romantic touches that truly make this resort one of the best places to stay. Private balconies or terraces are perfect places to enjoy a magnificent sunset and the natural surroundings of beautiful plants and flowers give one the feeling of getting back to nature and away from the everyday.

Imagine a one of a kind cottage with a private pool and splendid views of the Pitons right outside your door. The remote hideaway of Crystals offers just that, as cottages dot the property that includes an intimate restaurant, reserved exclusively for guests and all the amenities you have come to expect from a luxury resort. Close to all the action including the rainforest and the ocean, deep sea fishing, helicopter tours, volcano tours and golf, yet set in lush surroundings, the Crystals allows you to lose yourself in the luxury of the resort; whether you choose to leave or not is entirely up to you.

French Colonial architecture, wide verandahs and hand carved four poster beds are what await in the oasis known as Stonefield Villas. These romantic villas are totally self-contained and are intimately out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the town, while still allowing for majestic views of the Pitons and the crystal clear ocean beyond. Set amid the fantastic foliage of the island, the villas offer horseback riding nearby, yoga classes, private pools, fresh fruits and a heavenly spa, not to mention shady hammocks and lots of out of the way places perfect for a romantic honeymoon.

Set on its very own peninsula, the Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Spa and Beach Resort is a remarkable all-inclusive resort surrounded by crystal clear waters and beautiful ocean views. The accommodations are pure Sandals, and include swim-up lagoon rooms, and unique round suites with private pools for secluded elegance. There are no fewer than eight gourmet restaurants on the property, and because you are with Sandals, you are also welcome at the other two resorts they have on the island, transfers to and from included. Private dinners, palm lined beaches, outdoor dining on the water and the Red Lane Spa are all other amenities that make your romantic getaway something that dreams are made of.

What to do

No trip to Saint Lucia would be complete without a visit to the world famous Pitons. These towering formations look like they are sitting side by side, but as you get closer you realize that they are actually in two different parts of the island. At 771m tall, Gros Piton is the easier of the two to climb, although you must only climb with a tour guide. The climb is well worth the views from the top that allow you to see for miles. There is also an interpretive center at the base showing the history of the landmark. Petit Piton is 743m tall and is harder to climb, although the views from the top are even better than those from Gros Piton. The Pitons are a World Heritage Site and make for picture postcard perfect shots for the honeymoon album once you get home.

The Tet Paul Nature Trail is a relaxing stroll amid the beauty of the island and with the right guide, you will learn about the different plants and flowers, the history and cultures of the island and also get perfect views of the Pitons on the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ a climb up to a lookout overlooking the water and the towering formations.

Saint Lucia may be known for the Pitons, but she is also known for having the only drive-in volcano around. The Sulphur Springs in Soufriere is the location for this amazing spectacle where you and your honey can actually stand in a volcano watching the smoke and pools of boiling sulphur bubble and puff. You can even take a dip in the mineral waters, and play in the mud pool which is not only fun but has many therapeutic powers as well.

For a land with so many natural waterfalls, St. Lucia is also known for the sulphur waterfall in Diamond Botanical Gardens. It may not be tall in stature, but it has hues not usually found in waterfalls, as the mineral content is so high in the waters that cascade to the pools below. The Botanical Gardens also boasts trails and hikes amid the lush landscape.

Saint Lucia is also home to some of the most exhilarating scuba sites in the Caribbean. The Anse Chastanet Reef for instance was voted one of the five best dive sites in the islands and with 150 different species of fish a marine plateau and a magnificent drop-off there is no doubt as to why. Night diving trips are available through many tour companies and allow you to see creatures that just aren’t out during daylight dives.  Drift diving at the base of Petit Piton allows you to witness a steep slope covered in colorful corals with a multitude of fish, and the Piton wall that drops hundreds of feet into the depths below. Turns out the beauty of the area isn’t only above the surface after all. Shipwreck dives, boat dives to remote reefs and formations and shore diving area all part of the fun, and of course there are plenty of places to snorkel as well.

Tropical rainforest tours allow you to hike amid a myriad of plants and flower species and see the wildlife of the islands. The St. Lucia Rainforest tour allows visitors to zip line through the canopy or take an aerial tram (like a gondola) for a fascinating look at the rainforest from above.

Morne Fortune is a hill whose name translates to Hill of Good Luck. Visitors to this hill will find the 18th century Fort Charlotte that offers amazing views of both the city of Castries below as well as the sprawling harbor. Some of the remains on site include an old sugar mill, cannon, and stables and on a clear day you can see the neighboring island of Martinique in the distance.

St. Lucia is a paradise on many fronts. Whether your ideal honeymoon entails sitting on a private beach and dining by candlelight gazing at the stars, zip lining through a jungle or both, the island can and will deliver. There are many opportunities to shop with boutique stores, duty-free stores and quaint craft stalls and markets, and there are forts that document the history of the island and cultural significance of its people. Sailing, diving, fishing, hiking, or simply finding a spot in the shade to relax are all wonderful ways to enjoy your St. Lucian honeymoon. Come; let yourself go on the beautiful island of St. Lucia.

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