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Restaurants in Tahiti

Restaurants in Tahiti

When it comes to Tahitian cuisine, Polynesian and French culinary influences converge to create the menu that features fresh fish from the South Pacific, and exotic tropical fruits and vegetables. The islands feature traveling vans and food trucks which are known by their French name of “Les Roulettes” – which literally mean rolling restaurants which offer a tasty mix of local cuisine.

Les Roulottes

Les Roulottes Snack CartsViete Square at Sunset

Dining under the stars in the heart of Papeete is one of the more exciting and inexpensive ways to rub shoulders with the locals and enjoy the local cuisine both savory and sweet. The collection of food trucks begin to come alive as the sun goes down and the air fills with fantastic scents of curries, hoisin sauce, beef burgers and more. On weekends, the waterfront is the place for Tahitians to start the weekend off with cold beer and a local favorite poisson cru which is a concoction akin to ceviche or poke. A visit to La Roulette is not complete without a delicious crepe to top off the evening.