Oahu Honeymoon Destination Guide and Hawaii Honeymoon Information
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Oahu Honeymoon in Hawaii

Sunset Oahu Hawaii Honeymoon

Oahu Honeymoon in Hawaii

Oahu Honeymoon, Hawaii’s Gathering Place

Some call Oahu Hawaii’s gathering place, to others she is known as the Heart of Hawaii, and with her exotic mix of modern and traditional, an Oahu honeymoon lets you experience one of the most spectacular parts of the island chain. Endless stretches of beaches, some with pounding surf, and others with barrier reefs or large rock formations that create tide pools can be found along the shores of this diamond shaped gem that is also home to some of the state’s most famous landmarks like Diamond Head and Waikiki beach, perhaps the most famous beach in the world. You may have seen Oahu as the backdrop for movies and television shows like Lost, The Descendants and 50 First Dates, but nothing beats visiting her in person, with a tropical vacation that is always a popular choice for honeymoons and romantic getaways alike.

Oahu Honeymoon in Hawaii

The island of Oahu is also known as the heart of Hawaii

Oahu is the third largest and most populous of the Hawaiian Islands, and home to the only international airport in the state, so many visitors start their vacation on her shores. Whether you island hop or stay and explore Oahu, you will be treated to the culture and traditions that make Hawaii unique, and are in store for a romantic getaway to the sun with memories to last a lifetime.

Oahu is the heart of Hawaii for very good reason; she is the welcoming base for everyone entering the state, and the gateway to the rest of Hawaii, while having so much to offer for a vacation within her shores alone. Beautiful beaches of every description, fascinating places to explore and plenty of secluded places full of natural beauty are just a few of the things that make Oahu such a popular vacation destination. Choosing Oahu for your honeymoon will create memories to last a lifetime, no matter how long you stay.

Hilton Hawaiin Village Oahu Honeymoon

The Hilton Hawaiian Village in Oahu, Hawaii

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