Maui Honeymoon Ideas, Packages, Spots, Resorts and Travel Guide
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Maui Honeymoon

Maui Honeymoon

Maui Honeymoon

Maui Honeymoon Travel Guide

The second largest of the major Hawaiian Islands, Maui is the only island named after a mythical Polynesian demi-god who is said to have provided for longer daylight hours for islanders by lassoing the sun to slow down the progress across the sky. Maui is the only county in the state of Hawaii that consists of more than one island. Maui is home of Kahului Airport, the second largest airport and is referred to as the Valley Isle by residents. Maui is one of the more popular islands in Hawaii for those looking for a beachfront wedding or a romantic island honeymoon.

Maui Honeymoon - Fleming Beach

Fleming Beach, Maui Hawaii

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