Las Vegas Honeymoon Ideas, Packages, Spots, Resorts and Travel Guide
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Las Vegas Honeymoon

Las Vegas Honeymoon

Las Vegas Honeymoon

Las Vegas Honeymoon Travel Guide

If you decide on a Las Vegas honeymoon, you will find that this desert valley has grown from a simple wide spot in the sand to a Mecca for gambling, entertainment, nightlife and shopping and continues to grow and evolve to continue to attract more than 36 million visitors a year. It’s a very tourist friendly town with the airport just blocks from the mega-resorts along the strip and many find that wandering along the strip on foot is an activity that is well worth the effort. For both destination weddings and those going on their honeymooner, the city of Las Vegas has so much to offer. Every large resort has a wedding chapel, a restaurant to feed a crowd and luxurious hotel rooms for the honeymoon that comes afterwards – all in a wide range of prices. Whatever happens, just don’t take Las Vegas too seriously, after all the experience can be described as an alerted sense of reality with some sensibilities.

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Why Honeymooners Love Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best places in the United States for visitor value. Although there are lots of ways to get separated from your hard cold cash, there are just as many ways to spend it wisely. First and foremost, plan ahead and book a discount airfare as far in advance as possible. For the best overall savings, avoid being in Las Vegas on a Friday, or Saturday night or major holiday weekends. These are peak times in Vegas where airfares and hotel rooms can be three to four times higher than by checking in on a non holiday Sunday and checking-out on a Friday morning. Sign-up for exclusive resort deals at the resort websites or for a players club card online. They offer everything from huge discounts to pre-sale concert tickets.

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