Lanai Honeymoon in Hawaii - Hawaiian Honeymoon Destinations
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Lanai Honeymoon in Hawaii

Lanai Honeymoon in Hawaii

Lanai Honeymoon Travel Guide

A Hawaii honeymoon is always a popular choice for many newlyweds, and the island of Lanai offers the seclusion that is sometimes difficult to find on the more well-known islands. This small island just 5 miles off the shores of west Maui was ruled under Chief Piilani who routinely crossed the ‘Au’au channel to reign over the islands of Molokai and Lanai in addition to Maui. As the Hawaiian Islands drew the attention of pineapple growers, 98% percent of the island was purchased for the purpose of becoming the largest pineapple plantation in the world. Dole controlled the island and built much of the infrastructure including the harbor, the schools and most of the plantation workers housing. Many in Hawaii can still remember the summers spent on the island earning money picking pineapple during the day and relaxing with friends and co-workers in the evening. Ninety-eight percent of the island was owned and managed by Dole until the pineapple industry shifted their focus away from Hawaii. Title then transferred to The Lanai Company who decided on focusing on resort development. Today, Lanai is still the only island without a single stop light or fast food restaurants, which are just a few of the reasons why a Lanai honeymoon is the right choice for a more leisurely honeymoon vacation.

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