Jamaica Honeymoon Ideas, Packages, Spots, Resorts and Travel Guide
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Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica Honeymoon

Jamaica Honeymoon Travel Guide

If you decide to travel to Jamaica for your honeymoon, you will be visiting to an island that became an independent country in 1962 and is part of the British Commonwealth.  A constitutional monarchy, Jamaica’s government is headed by a prime minister, but Queen Elizabeth II is its Queen.  Originally a Spanish colony claimed by Christopher Columbus, Jamaica came under English rule in 1655. For the next two hundred years, its sugar cane plantations depended heavily on slave labor.  When the British abolished slavery in the early 1800s, indentured servants from China and India came to Jamaica. Jamaica also has a history of freed and run-away slaves known as Maroons who joined with the indigenous Taino people, and lived independently in Jamaica’s mountainous interior.

[wpcol_3fifth id=”” class=”” style=””]Today, Jamaica is made up of fourteen parishes and has the distinction of being the third largest country in the Caribbean, and the third largest English-speaking country in the Americas after the US and Canada.  It has close to 3 million people, primarily of African descent.  While English is the official language, most Jamaicans speak a creole language that many people are familiar with from reggae music.[/wpcol_3fifth] [wpcol_2fifth_end id=”” class=”” style=””][box title=”Flights to Jamaica” color=”#336699″]Cheap Flights—Save Up to 80 Percent![/box][/wpcol_2fifth_end]

A Jamaica honeymoon has many things that appeal to newlyweds. The interior of Jamaica is quite rugged, and the Blue Mountains are known for their coffee.  A narrow coastal plain borders the island, creating a delightful strip of beach.  Expect a hot and humid, tropical climate.  Jamaica is in the hurricane belt, and hurricane season runs from June to November. The island boasts an array of natural waterfalls, lagoons, and beaches that are stunningly beautiful.  Comprised of an array of eco-systems, you will find rivers, wetlands, rainforests, caves, seagrass beds, and coral reefs.

The official currency of Jamaica is the Jamaican dollar, although many tourist spots express prices in US dollars and will accept US currency.  The exchange rate varies, so it’s wise to check, as the Jamaican and US dollars are not equivalent in value. Tourism makes up a huge portion of Jamaica’s economy, but mining, agriculture, and the financial and insurance industries are also important.

The Mood

Jamaica is a mix of friendly, warm, and relaxed locals, places off the beaten path, upscale resorts and nude beaches, and party-on culture.  The island does suffer from economic disparities, and you may encounter panhandling, or relentless sales efforts.  Rather than just walking away, you’ll do better to engage the person for a moment to show that you respect them. Good manners are important in Jamaica; show respect to elders by called them M’am and Sir.  People will also appreciate you taking care of the natural environment.

Why Honeymooners Love Jamaica…

Jamaica is a fun and friendly place with an excellent variety of accommodations, activities, restaurants and beaches.  It pays to be sensible about what you do after dark outside the resorts, and to always treat others with respect.  In turn, you’ll find helpful people ready to share their culture, food, and beautiful country.


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