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Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymoon Cruises

Honeymooners are as varied as grains of sand on a Caribbean beach. For some, the gentle whisper of swaying palms, a sweeping Caribbean breeze and days on end of complete isolation make for the perfect post-nuptial escape. For others, they prefer to delight in the company of others, to celebrate their new start amidst a jovial crowd, coupled with an itinerary that’s brimming possibilities. For those who prefer the latter, honeymoon cruises offer up the perfect experience, and with the myriad cruise line options, you have the luxury of tailoring your honeymoon to suit your needs.

Close your eyes, spin the globe and place your finger on the spinning sphere. You’re bound to land somewhere that has a cruising option. Just about every major cruise line in the world offers up a specialized honeymoon package, and with the abundance of destinations and ports of call on offer, your options are endless. Always dreamed of wandering the South Pacific and New Zealand? Why limit yourself to just one when you can explore both aboard a gleaming ship. From the azure seas of the Caribbean, the arid cliffs of the Greek Islands to the lush coastal regions of South America, any number of award winning cruise lines can whisk you away.

So why choose a cruise? Well for starters, cruises are the ultimate in hassle-free vacations. From the moment you step on board, everything and anything you could possibly need is but a convenient request away. Cruise lines offer a buffet of honeymoon package options including tables for two at popular restaurants, special spa privileges, champagne service in your stateroom, access to exclusive amenities, room upgrades, the list is exhaustive. Just remember, the further in advance you book, the more benefits you reap. If you want to feel like a couple of celebrities in your own right, a honeymoon cruise will roll out the royal treatment.

Still not convinced? Keep this in mind; If there anything to be said about cruises, especially honeymoon cruises, it’s that personalization is their specialty. Don’t be surprised if you find an invitation to dine with the captain slid under your door, or mysterious bouquets of flowers showing up in your stateroom. Cruise lines are successful because of their high rates of repeat business, and this is great news for honeymooners. Deciding to celebrate the most blissful of special occasions on a cruise means they are going to do whatever it takes to make sure you come back.

Being on a cruise doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend your honeymoon negotiation crowds or waiting in lines. Book yourselves into an upper category and enjoy all the privileges that come along with it. Private lounges, exclusive spa access, and members-only pools are just a few of the perks offered at the premium categories.  And just to ensure you don’t prematurely hear the pitter patter of thousands of little feet, try and avoid booking your honeymoon during peak school holiday times like Spring Break, Christmas and the summer.

Honeymoon cruises offer you an alternative to the run-of-the-mill beach resort honeymoon. The scenery is constantly changing, the services, amenities and activities are endless, you’re treated like royalty the moment you step aboard and the value is second to none. If you’ve been hunting around for that one-stop-shop for romance and fun, a honeymoon cruise is sure to tick all the boxes.

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