Caribbean Honeymoon

Mar 25 2013

Caribbean Honeymoon

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Dream Big with a Caribbean Honeymoon Getaway

The Caribbean has long been a paradise for lovers; white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, trade winds, and the laid back atmosphere that are its hallmarks. Whether your tastes take you to a lush island sprinkled with secluded waterfalls, natural pools and beaches, or they take you to a hustling, bustling island full of interesting things to do, the Caribbean will never disappoint; which makes the islands found in the Caribbean Sea some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Here are but a few…

The Bahamas


Map of Bahamas

Situated just fifty miles off of the Florida coast, the islands that make up the Bahamas offer a multitude of activities to enjoy in temperatures that never fall below 60F. In the winter, the temperatures range from 60F-75F while in the summer months, the averages lie between 78F-90F, meaning that the surface ocean temp stays between 74F-83F all year round. This is inviting whether you just want to wade hand in hand in the surf or you are set to explore the amazing world beneath the waves on a scuba or snorkeling adventure.

One of the most romantic places to stay in the Bahamas is the Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort in which every whim has been taken care of, from Rolls Royce transfers to sprawling rooms with private balconies, luscious food and luxurious spa treatments for two. The resort also boasts its own private, exclusive island located just a mile offshore, filled with secluded beaches, shaded hammocks, private cabanas, a Zen garden and lots of places to lose yourselves within the beauty of the island.

The world-renowned Atlantis Resorts are geared to a more active honeymoon getaway, with their Dolphin Cay, the Mayan Temple waterpark and the many marine habitats that abound, not to mention the casinos, exciting world-class entertainment and all of the other Atlantis amenities. Honeymoon packages are available in addition which include dolphin encounters for two, champagne and strawberries brought to your room and a couples massages in addition to the other surprises for the newlyweds.

The Bahamas has a multitude of things to do, or plenty of beaches for when you simply want to do nothing at all. Horseback riding on the beach at sunset, exploring coral reefs with their colorful inhabitants, golf, jeep safari tours and trips to places such as Ben’s Cave in Lucayan National Park or the Garden of Groves shouldn’t be missed. Other natural attractions like The Boiling Hole where Armbrister Creek flows into a lake forcing whirlpools to occur when the tide comes in and water gushes and bubbles when the tide goes out is something to see, and is also a wonderful place to discover pools of rays and baby sharks in their natural habitat. For a truly sublime place to snorkel amid the reefs, check out Peterson Cay, the smallest national park at only 1.5 acres, but one which is accessible only by boat, allowing for seclusion, beauty and romance amid the pristine beauty.


From the legends of Bob Marley and the super spy James Bond, to Dunn’s River Falls and bobsled rides through the rainforest, the island of Jamaica has something for everyone. No wonder it is a popular honeymoon destination for thousands of couples each year. Dunn’s River Falls is perhaps the best known attraction on the island, famous for its ‘steps’ and natural pools where you can sit and relax to enjoy the view. It is not a grueling jamaicaclimb though from the bottom it may look it; the cascading water gives way to a glorious beach at the bottom of the falls, and there is a craft market at the top for a memento of the day.

Dolphin Cove allows guests to interact with dolphins, swim with sting rays and take a glass bottom kayak ride, and if wild water is more to your liking, check out White River in Ochos Rios, where visitors take a tube ride down the small rapids in the clear waters while marveling at the flora and fauna of the island.

No visit to Jamaica is complete without a trip to Doctor’s Cave Beach, where you can surround yourself with calm waters, warm sand and all the sunshine you can handle. There are also tours of famous musician Bob Marley’s old haunts and an ode to the Jamaican bobsled team from the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games with a ride through the rainforest on the eco-friendly Mystic Mountain.

As for places to stay, this Caribbean island has plenty of choices, from the all-exclusive mega-hotels like those under the Beaches, Breezes and Sandals brands to quaint apartments, cozy bed and breakfasts, villas and guesthouses galore. The Couples brand has four resorts on the island and caters exclusively to just the two of you in lush tropical surroundings that include private beaches, and Zen-inspired spas. Of course these resorts also include water sports, golfing and all the amenities that you would expect mingled with the exquisite architecture and charm that is pure Jamaica. With average temperatures between 74F and 88F, Jamaica is an ideal destination for a romantic couple’s getaway.




Barbados, on the other hand maintains a very English feel with romantic afternoon tea, picnics on the beach, garden parties and friendly games of cricket to enjoy. As the easternmost island of the Lesser Antilles, Barbados has gentle breezes, miles of warm sandy beaches and turquoise seas. Here you can surf the ‘Soup Bowl’, swim with turtles, take a ride on the submarine Atlantis and visit Harrison’s Cave, where a tram takes you past crystal clear waters, cascading waterfalls and all the beautiful formations found deep under the surface.

As one of the top three scuba spots in the world, Bonaire is a quieter Caribbean island that is perfect for a romantic getaway. It is part of the ABC island group, which also includes Aruba and Curacao, and prides itself on its natural beauty and eco-friendly nature. The Bonaire Marine Park allows visitors to explore the depths of the ocean and all of the beauty found within, while Lac Bay is the perfect spot for windsurfing thanks to its constant breezes. There are also plenty of interesting hikes, birding opportunities and of course, the magnificent scuba diving sites that it is known for.

No matter which Caribbean island you choose for your honeymoon destination or romantic getaway, you are sure to find sunny days filled with a multitude of possibilities, whether it means whiling away the afternoon in a shady hammock on the beach or exploring the quaint towns with all of their unique history and attractions. The Caribbean allows you to relax and take a break from the everyday in peaceful and wondrous surroundings.

Caribbean Honeymoon Destinations

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Caribbean Resorts

Experience world-class accommodations amid the splendidly sumptuous setting of the Caribbean islands at one of these all-inclusive Caribbean resort hotels.

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