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Bali Honeymoon

Bali honeymoon

Bali Honeymoon

There are few places on earth that capture the imagination like Bali, and if you have something truly exotic in mind for your upcoming honeymoon, this exquisite island pearl will leave you and the love of your life absolutely breathless. Bali is bountiful with endless stretches of pristine beach, meticulous gardens, lush mountainous jungles, and a culture so rich, you may just find yourself planning your return before you leave. Nestled amidst the culturally diverse archipelago of Indonesia, Bali’s inviting climate, myriad accommodation options, sizzling restaurant and nightlife, and endless number of activities make it a the ultimate honeymoon destination for the most discerning honeymooner.

Getting There

Getting to Bali is a cinch! As one of the fastest growing honeymoon destinations in Southeast Asia, there are an abundance of flights departing from major airports across the United States including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, that seamlessly connect through various major airports in Asia. For the extra adventurous or budget conscious, consider flying into major Asian hubs like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Tapei and using some of the fabulously efficient low-cost carriers in the region. Bali requires all visitors to have a valid passport, and a visa must be purchased on arrival.

Language & Culture

Bali’s uniqueness is world renown. It’s home to Indonesia’s largest Hindu population, comprising of some 85% of the island. Though Bali has its own indigenous language, Bahasa Indonesia (and English) are the most widely spoken. The Balinese culture is beloved for its distinctive handicrafts and high art forms such as traditional dance, and music. Bali is an island of ceremony, and every where you look, meticulously crafted offerings are presented to give thanks. If being in love and immersing yourself in the midst of an exotic culture is what you are looking for in a honeymoon, Bali won’t disappoint.

Areas to Stay

Two things need to be taken into consideration when finding a place to stay in Bali; Location and type of accommodation. It all depends on how much seclusion you’re looking for and what activities you want to be close to. If you love being within walking distance of fabulous restaurants, opulent boutiques and a lively nightlife, Seminyak is one of Bali’s most exclusive areas. For the romantic art lovers and those who enjoy seclusion overlooking meandering rivers, and rugged jungle terrain, Ubud is the cultural center, and heartbeat of the entire island. If it’s beaches you’re after, the shimmering beaches of Nusa Dua are beckoning. Whether you’re renting a villa, staying in a luxury resort, or waking up in the hospitality of a Balinese guest house, every corner of Bali offers a treasure trove of honeymoon tranquility.

Things to Do

There aren’t enough hours in the day, days in a month or weeks in a year to explore and accomplish everything on the average Bali bucket list. Honeymooners from all walks of life have no trouble finding something to do. Whether you’re spending the day trekking across the rice patties in Sidemen Valley, mountain biking down the side of Mt. Agung, cooking up a storm at the Lobong Cooking School in Ubud, or diving wrecks in Amed, or getting a proper honeymoon pampering session in a luxurious Balinese spa, on an island small enough to drive in a half day, Bali offers a range of activities suitable for all honeymooners.

Choosing Bali as your honeymoon destination is as simple as saying “I do”. Those who go are easily seduced by the warmth of the Balinese people, the diverse landscapes, the cultural richness and the abundance of things to do. So get packing, the pearl of the orient awaits!

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