Bahamas Honeymoon Packages, Ideas, and Hot Spots
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Bahamas Honeymoon

Bahamas Honeymoon

Bahamas Honeymoon

Couples interested in taking a Bahamas honeymoon will find a groups of Caribbean islands that are warm and inviting. The Bahamas are a chain of more than three thousand islands, rocky atolls, and miniature isles scattered in the Atlantic Ocean, starting east of the Florida Keys and arrayed north of Cuba.  An independent country, the capital of The Commonwealth of the Bahamas is Nassau and it is a constitutional monarchy that is part of the British Commonwealth.  Queen Elizabeth II is “Queen of The Bahamas.”

With a baker’s dozen of inhabited islands, visitors may end up in a number of places including Bimini—the gateway to the Bahamas, as it’s closest to the U.S., Grand Bahama, Eleuthera or Andros Island.  Other inhabited islands include Inagua, Cat Island, Long Island, San Salvador, Acklin, Exuma, Mayaguana, and Crooked Island.

Bahamas Honeymoon

A honeymoon in the Bahamas is just a quick hop from major U.S. cities

Nassau is located on New Providence.

All of the islands are quite flat, with the highest point being Mount Alveria on Cat Island at a not too impressive 207 feet above sea level. In terms of weather, the Gulf Stream has a moderating influence that keeps the tropical/subtropical climate extremely pleasant in the winter, but also means that country can be a target during summer-autumn hurricane season. Average temperatures between December and May have an average high hovering around 80° F.

The Bahamas has a population of slightly more than 350,000 people, most of which are of African descent.  Bahamians of European heritage make up about 12% of the population and historically, many are the descendants of American Loyalists who arrived after the American Revolution, and English Puritans who arrived even earlier in the mid 1600s. Bahamians, like many in the West Indies, tend not to place a great deal of importance on race.  Whether of African, European, or mixed ethnicity, the term Bahamian is used to describe everyone.

The people of The Bahamas have one of the highest standards of living in the Americas, just behind the U.S. and Canada.  English is the official language of The Bahamas, but many people speak Bahamian dialect with its own unique pronunciations, expressions, and slang. The Bahamian Dollar is the official currency with an exchange rate on par with the US Dollar.  Both are used interchangeably. The Bahamas are in the Eastern Time Zone.


Whether you’d like a budget conscious, guesthouse, a golf resort, intimate beach bungalow, or the ultimate in resort luxury, you will be hard-pressed to find a place with more lovely and varied accommodations at all price points than The Bahamas.

The Mood

The Bahamas blend a relaxed island culture with a dash of British formality.  Don’t expect things to move at the pace of home!  But that makes is perfect for relaxing. Off the beach, cover up that bathing suit, and while casual dress is fine for most occasions, more upscale restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs will require men to don a jacket and ladies to be dressed appropriately. Although you will see locals wearing lots of color!  Music is a huge part of the culture, and you won’t have to work hard to hear some wonderful rhythms.

Why Honeymooners Love The Bahamas…

Oceanside Dining…everywhere!

As you might imagine, fresh seafood is a staple of Bahamian cuisine.  From international chic to downhome fare, you will find delicious food on every island.  And we’ve included some very romantic spots in which to dine.


A favorite of celebrities, the celebrated Japanese restaurant has a Bahamian branch giving an Asian twist to local seafood like conch.  With an elegant menu and a glamorous atmosphere, you can stare into each other’s eyes while sipping a first rate sake and feeding each other bites of sweet shrimp or yellowtail.

Atlantis, Paradise Island


Living up to its reputation as the best restaurant on the island, Mangoes’ deck juts out over the water and boasts an unpretentious and comfortable setting along with amazing food.  Famous for its conch burger at lunchtime, dinner is going to serve up some fabulous fresh catch right off the boat.  Keep things cheerful with a Bahama Mama or a Goombay Smash.

Marsh Harbor, The Abacos

The Landing

Connected to a boutique hotel right on the water, everyone from Frommers to the New York Times to Conde Nast Traveler has raved about the The Landing.  Crab Capallini, Chargrilled Rack of Lamb with spicy sweet potatoes, or Spicy Coconut Lime Chicken are a few of its fresh takes.

Harbour Island, Eleuthera

Café Martinique

With its wrought iron birdcage elevator and gorgeous mahogany staircase, this is a wonderful get-away for a very romantic night out.  A culinary mélange of gourmet French with Bahamian flare, it harkens back to some 1960s glamour.  If you want to try Black Pepper Crab Dumplings, Crunchy Roasted Grouper, or Chateubriand for Two, reservations are necessary for this fine dining experience.

Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island

The Fish Fry

For a lovely meal out at a pocketbook friendly price, try one of the friendly vendors in the colorful shacks on the water at Arawak Cay.  It’s a great place to try fresh conch as a fried sandwich, in chowder, on a fresh salad.  And without a doubt, try the conch fritters! Make sure to get a fruity rum drink to wash it down.

W Bay St., Arawak Cay

Bahamian Kitchen

Eat like a local for modest prices—Bahamian Kitchen is authentic and delicious Bahamian fare.  Their take-out service is perfect for a picnic, and their curried chicken, fried red snapper, or pea soup and dumplings won’t disappoint you.  `

Trinity Place, Nassau

Poop Deck

Get away from the tourists and enjoy the terrific view at a friendly spot where you can meet some locals over a drink.   Have a juicy burger or a grilled mahi Caesar for lunch, and in the evening try the crab-stuffed mushrooms before a fresh catch entrée or Bahamian soul food—grouper fingers.

Two locations: East Bay, Nassau and Sandyport, Nassau


Beaches, beaches and more beaches!  Whether you want easy access to action and amenities, or a more quiet and picturesque spot, there are literally dozens of fabulous beaches all around the Bahamas, many with lovely cedar trees for shade.

Cliff Jumping

Picture yourself holding hands with your loved one and jumping from a gorgeous high rock into pristine azure water!  The Bahamas abound with beautiful places to kick up your heels.  For expert guidance go with a local outfitter who knows the weather as well as the spots for a safe as well as picture-worthy adventure.

Bahamas Out-Island Adventures, Gregory Town, Eleuthera

Port Lucaya Marketplace

When you’re ready for a break from sun and sand, go explore the shopping at Port Lucaya Marketplace.  You’ll find duty-free perfume and jewelry for that special gift, as well as traditional Bahamian straw crafts.  If you need a new bathing suit or some special lingerie, Port Lucaya Marketplace will have that too.

Port Lucaya, Freeport


If you’re lucky enough to be in The Bahamas on Boxing Day (December 26th) or New Year’s, you’ll enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of Junkanoo.  Something like a Bahamian Mardi Gras, locals dress up, there are special parades, and everyone is out in the streets dancing!

Everywhere in the Bahamas

Lucayan National Park

Mangroves and palm trees welcome you to this forty-acre delight.  Containing both white sand beaches and underwater, limestone caves, allow the better part of the day for relaxing and exploring. And if your feet need a break, rent a kayak or take a trail ride on a horse to enjoy the park.

Grand Bahama Highway, Freeport

Segway Tour

Slow down and have some fun on an off-road Segway! With a short lesson, you’ll be cruising along like an expert, and having an up-close look at the Bahamian flora and fauna.  A novel way to get to the beach, there are Segway tours at different times of the day.;

Yoga Retreat

Take a day off for yoga and meditation at the lovely Sivananda Ashram.  While most programs are geared to multi-day stays, they also welcome day visitors who can attend yoga classes and workshops, and enjoy healthful meals by the ocean or in their tropical gardens.

Go Dancing

The Bahamas abound with nightlife and you can stay out until the wee hours.  Popular spots include The Drop Off, a late-night basement club, Club Fluid with two dance floors and a great selection or World Beat, Hip Hop and R&B, Cocktails and Dreams for boogie tunes, billiards and darts, and Dragons for the hot, live music and dancing!

The Drop Off: Bay St., Nassua; Club Fluid, Bay St., Nassua; Cocktails and Dream, West Bay St., Nassau, Dragons: Atlantis Casino and Resort, Paradise Island


The Bahamas are easy to get to, and the various islands have different personalities.  To get away from it all, choose one of the outlying islands. If you like more choice for restaurants and nightlife, stay in Nassau or the Grand Bahamas.   Anywhere you go, you will have all the beaches a heart could desire, along with traditional beach activities like fishing, boating, scuba diving and snorkeling easily accessible.  Easy to get to, you can find a style and price of accommodation to fit your needs.

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